2007 – Area of the former bus station in the city of Rivoli

PLACE: Italy, Rivoli (Turin), Corso Francia, Corso Susa
TYPOLOGY: urban renewal and new buildings
FUNCTION: residential units, service sector
SURFACES: 12.000 square metres

The project involves the renewal of a run down urban area to the limit of the town centre and the outskirts. According to the project, the block is aligned on the street edge to get a continuous front and overcome its lack of omogeneity. On the ground floor between the outer skin of glass and the buildings there is a green area that lead to the upper floors. The skin contains sun screens, photovoltaic panels and creates the greenhouse effect for passive heating. Greenroofs and terraces are the extension of the interior spaces. Great attention is paid to the inner gardens overlooked by the living area of the apartments as the surroundings have no special value.

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