2009 – Rivoli Corso Susa

PLACE: Italy, Rivoli (Turin), Corso Susa
TYPOLOGY: urban renewal and new buildings
FUNCTION: residential units, service sector
SURFACES: 13.000 square metres

The project stems from the need for the harmonization of an area characterized by heterogeneity of volumes and façades. The area has a north-south slope which protuces a six meter difference in height. These limits of the area become design stimuli to create an articulated, functional and highly innovative space.
The buildings are around a large central park: the green space becomes the recurring theme of the whole project thus realizing the utopia of living in a forest although living in the city. The residential complex is protected from the street by a filter element, a large hallway porch that ends toward the street and a large garden above.
Many problems of building that today we mostly care about have been solved: energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, eco-friendly, energy saving, environmental impact, environmental quality, use of space and perception of the built environment.

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