2010 – “Cavallerizza Area” (former Royal Riding School)

PLACE: Italy, Turin, Via Verdi, Via Rossini, Piazza Castello
TYPOLOGY: urban renewal
SURFACES: 20.000 square metres

The Royal Riding School dates back to the XVIII century. Today its lot is isolated though in the town centre, between Piazza Castello and Mole Antonelliana, the city symbol, just behind Via Po which is one of the most lively street in Turin.
The enhancement project aims at giving new life to the area without altering its architectural features.
By opening the ground floors, you get a direct access from Via Po /Via Verdi to the Royal Riding School courtyards and the Royal Gardens that are beyond reach today.
Public services, workshops, cultural exhibitions and cultural activities on the ground floors and gardens in the courtyards can recreate, together with the pedestrianization of Via Verdi, the citylife which is missing.

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