1990-1998 – “Palazzo Graneri della Roccia”

PLACE: Italy, Turin, Via Bogino 7/9/11
TYPOLOGY: restoration
FUNCTION: university, tertiary sector, residential units
SURFACES: 10.000 square metres

The intervention is one of the most significant recoveries of a private building in the historic center of Turin.

Built in the late seventeenth century,it is one of the most prestigious Baroque residences in the city. Being it the site of important cultural activities it has undergone a thorough transformation, maintaining the characteristics of the monumental building and obtaining splendid residences on the upper floors. The ground floor and the first floor were kept as representative offices for cultural activities such as the “artists’ club” and the ITP.
The Italian garden with box beds and the ancient “observatory” above the rooftops were proposed. A new volume of steel and glass, was built on the site of the stables destroyed during the war. To grant greater accessibility to the building about 150 underground parking spaces in a mechanized parking lot and thirty traditional garages were obtained. The intervention involved the restoring of approximately 8,000 square meters above ground, was conducted in close relationship with the “Soprintendenza” and the organs of protection given the high historical and artistic value of the building, the decorations and furnishings in it.

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