1991-1998 – Musee de la Corse

PLACE: France, Corte (Corse), Place de la Citadelle
TYPOLOGY: restoration, new construction and museological accommodation
FUNCTION: museum
SURFACES: 5.000 square metres
COMMETTEE: Region Corse

The citadel of Corte, unique place in Corsica, hosts cultural activities and exhibitions of international level. The Museum of Corsica, Corsican Anthropology Museum, welcomed among the mighty walls of the former barracks Serruruer, houses the permanent collections, while the temporary ones are presented in a new space created by the excavation of the ramparts. The restoration and enhancement, went so far as to design and set up the museological collections Doazan, organized into seven themed rooms; visual impressions on the ground floor whilst more conceptual ones on the first floor.

The new project seeks mimesis with the austere environment of the fortifications underlining the strong horizontal scayline leaving intact the outer walls and inner revealed walls first filled by the carry. The presentation of the meager collections as well as the instructional media play a role in opposition to the natural materials which the objects presented are made of. Great graffiti on the walls and vaults of the halls, contextualize the presentations playing on light and dark, white and black. The windows are so designed as spaces where the visitor enters and is located in the environment all around (black space), island showcases with horizontal presentations for small items of context, (white spaces).
In addition to the presentation of permanent and temporary spaces, the intervention has created the reserves, the restoration workshop, managerial offices, the cafeteria, meeting rooms, boutique and educational workshops.

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