2000-2002 – Projects for “Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Vittorio” in Turin

PLACE: Italy, Turin, Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Vittorio
TYPOLOGY: urban renewal
SURFACES: 30.000 sm

Project of “Piazza San Carlo”
The Automobile Club of Turin runs the car park under Via Roma and was interested in a feasibility study to test the possibility of building a new car park under the seventeenth-century Piazza San Carlo, the heart of the city. The hypothesis of the project, then reproposed by the City that made the operation, takes into account all the road axis of Via Roma whose construction in the Fascist time had already envisaged the implementation of the underground and the stations under Piazza CLN. The spaces for the underground below Via Roma lacked the connection through Piazza San Carlo and according to the project they were to be connected by increasing the car park with further 300 places on both floors. The project which had the endorsment of “Soprintendenze Torinesi” was later carried out by the City but with another design and other results.

Project of “Piazza Vittorio”
Piazza Vittorio is among the largest squares in Europe but if differently connetted to Piazza Gran Madre it also becomes the most unique and intriguing one. The project suggests the pedestrianization of both squares and the creation of a “connecting platform” between the two, to make them a well organized and fully usable large space. Today the squares are connected by a bridge too tight for both cars and pedestrians and have their own life completly detached from the Po River. The bridge should be widen and only used by pedestrians, while drivers would cross the River Po through a new bridge in Corso San Maurizio. The entire road system would be rearranged with Corso Moncalieri, Lungo Po Cadorna and Lungo Po Diaz running underground and a car park for 1.200 cars under Piazza Vittorio.

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