2013 – Former farmhouse “Cascina Fossata”

PLACE: Italy, Turin, Via Ala di Stura, Via Sospello
TYPOLOGY: restoration and new building
FUNCTION: social housing, hotel, service sector, handicraft
SURFACES: 13.000 square metres

A transformation project and an addition to the existing XVIII century farm, to transform it into an urban block with a mix of functions and uses that characterize it and make it the drive element for the revitalization of the neighborhood.

The project adds and integrates a new building to an old farm abandoned after the second world war. The new building is outside the perimeter of the farmyard nothing of which remains today. The project is not looking for solutions of formal mimesis, on the contrary it aims at stressing the formal gap between old and new. The set that flows from the union of contemporary and historical buildings is a volume marked by buttresses. The interplay of full and empty together with the buttresses break the continuity of the long sides which reproduce the same length of the old farm walls whose remains will be restored.

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