2015 – Wanneroo road 1351

TYPOLOGY: new building
SURFACES: 50.000 square metres

The “brief” defines and describes with reasonable detail what the client (Lomgroup) wants the architect to do.
It’s not a simple document, but absolutely necessary for both parties. For us to know what you want and to quote a cost, and for you to know what to expect and what you are going to pay for.
Given the initial uncertainty and the inherent difficulty for Lomgroup to state exactly what they want, the brief must allow some flexibility, both qualitative (destinations and activities) and quantitative (densities, heights, volumes).
The scope of the exercise is, obviously, to enhance the real estate commercial value of the property through urban, architectural and technological design quality.
We think that the Wanneroo 1351 Village must be an avant-garde example in terms or urban design, architectural design, technologies and building quality.
All of the above must also be understandable by the market.
Concept design
Out proposal is to tackle six areas, not necessarily in the sequence shown.
a. Site environmental analysis: micro-climate, urban context, available views, water run-off;
b. Analysis of surrounding area;
c. Architectural choices and building typologies;
d. Technologies;
e. Energy and sustainability issues for site;
f. Development of master plan complying with or challenging local authority requirements as agreed with client.
The agreed concept design can then be developed in order to make a submission for Planning Approval. Before that can be done specialist consultants will be required including a quantity surveyor, soils engineer and a traffic consultant. In addition services engineers may be required if there is a desire to include local power generation and waste water treatment. These consultants will be engaged in accordance with provisions in the Client Architect Agreement attached.


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